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Looking for sometime adventurous this summer? Want to get your bum off the sand and try something different?? Sydney is brimming with fun activities for everyone, but unfortunately sometimes they’re not always kind on the pocket! Today, Sun Scribes has gone through Groupon with a fine-tooth comb and handpicked some of the best deals on offer in Sydney and surrounding areas! So if you want to skydive on a budget, cruise the Sydney Harbour or scuba dive, keep on reading!

Paragliding – $149

Want to appreciate the beauty of the Australian landscape at a slower pace than jumping out of a plane? Then paragliding is just the one for you! At a price of $149, Skysurf Paragliding School in Canberra offer a full introductory course to the world of paragliding as well as a tandom experience. Click this link to find out more!

Skydiving – $185

Just a two-hour drive from the heart of Sydney, Adrenaline Skydive Goldburn are offering a 15,000ft skydive. Right now, a skydive in Wollongong is going for $329 at 14,000ft. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush at a budget cost this summer, there’s no better place than Goldburn! So what are you waiting for? Follow this link to book your skydive!

Scuba Diving – $59

No I didn’t type that wrong, that is the correct price! Sydney Dive Safari is offering an introductory course for scuba diving at this insanely low price. I know what you’re all thinking, why bother diving in Sydney when I can just wait until the Great Barrier Reef??

Well I’ve two reasons! Firstly, if you’re nervous about diving (like I was), this is a great place to learn the ropes and become more relaxed in the water. That way when you get to the GBR, you can skip all the introductory nervous crap and get straight to the good stuff! Also…on an average Saturday night, how much would you spend on shopping/meals out/drinks at the bar? Do something different with your weekend and put your money into memories you’ll remember forever! Check out this deal here.

Vivid Cruise and Buffet – $25

With Vivid Sydney becoming more and more of a success, it definitely shouldn’t be an event to be missed! See the sights and sounds of Vivid 2017 with a cruise around Sydney Harbour, hosted by Vivd Afloat. I know it’s a few months away yet, but what a treat it will be to your future self! Also a great birthday present for someone in June or for visiting parents. Follow this link to avail of this deal!

Shark Island Cruise and BBQ – $39

Another great idea for visiting relatives! For the price of just $39 reduced from $89, Sydney Harbour Discovery will bring you on a three-hour cruise, including a BBQ, snorkelling, and exploring the island! To view this amazing deal, click here.


Paddle Board Hire – $15

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon in Sydney than gliding along the shore on a paddle board?? Pick up this bargain for just $15 in Mosman with the Balmoral Watersports Centre. For more information, click here. 


Darling Harbour Ferris Wheel – $5

Priced at usually $8, this doesn’t seem like too much of a bargain for one person. But if you’re bringing the whole family on a day of sight-seeing, suddenly five tickets at $5 seems a lot more appealing than five tickets at $8! This Ferris wheel is a must-do for those visiting Sydney so why not save a few bucks and book a ride. You can avail of this deal here. 


Private Yacht Hire – $399

Sailaway Sydney is offering there ten-metre Bavaria Cruiser to rent for up to ten people. That’s just $39.90 a head, for three hours of sunbaking and taking in the sights all from the comfort of your own private yacht! So gather a group of your best mates and head out for a summer day to remember! Follow this link to book your day on the water!


Blue Mountains Abseiling – $79

For those adrenaline junkies out there, this one is perfect for you! Reduced from $169, Eagle Rock Adventures provides the necessary training and supervision for an unforgettable day at the Blue Mountains! So I f you’re not content with the usual sightseeing click here to book your day of adventure.


Sydney Harbour Kayak – $44

Once again, Eagle Adventures brings another scorching summer sale. Originally $119, the tour group take you out on the waters to paddle around Sydney’s iconic sites for two hours. Instead of baking on the beach this weekend, why not give kayaking a go! Follow this link for more information.


Keelin Riley
Keelin Riley

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