About Sun Scribes

Welcome to Sun Scribes, a travel blog for first-time-globetrotters and budget-travel enthusiasts! My name is Keelin Riley, a 26-year-old journalism graduate and current full-time wanderer from Wicklow, Ireland.

Sun Scribes has been on the blogging scene since 2016, when I packed up my life and moved to Sydney, Australia. Prior to my big move, I worked for the Irish Sun newspaper, the biggest selling tabloid in the Republic of Ireland.

Here I was involved with daily news, where I joined the online team and gained invaluable experience regarding the ins-and-outs of running a 24/7 news website. Eventually I made the paper’s picture desk my home, where my love of photography grew. I also began to understand the power of images in an article, something I try incorporate into every post on Sun Scribes.

I like to think of Sun Scribes as a fun mixture of my experience in the media and my love for travel. I try to fill my blog with only practical, worthwhile information for fellow adventurers, in the form of detailed itineraries, useful travel tips and honest descriptions of destinations I’ve visited.

Sun Scribes initially began as a way to keep me in the media loop and to expand my writing portfolio. Since its upstart two and a half years ago, the site has grown slowly but surely, gaining new readers every month.

If you would like to get in contact regarding Sun Scribes featuring as a guest blogger/travel writer please get in touch via keelinriley321@gmail.com

Sun Scribes has featured previously in the Irish Sun, Irish Times, USIT, Lovin.ie, Image Magazine, RTE’s Today Show and Uni Lad Travel. As a writer personally, I was the recipient of the Young Journalist of the Year Award many moons ago with the Irish Independent, which kick-started my writing career.

Sun Scribes’ main objective, first and foremost, is to inform and inspire first-time globetrotters. I hope this blog will be used as a guide for some as they set out on their adventures of a lifetime! I am always open to travel-related inquiries and like to help out where possible, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact about your next trip!

Happy travelling Sun Scribers,

Keelin 🌞

Download Sun Scribes media kit here: Sun Scribes – Keelin Riley – Media Kit PDF