An Evening at the Mornington Pensinsula Hot Springs 

Eleven-hundred kilometres later, and we were in dire need of some relaxation. Two full days of driving and we could not wait to get to the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs!
I’d booked an evening session for two as a surprise for Darren’s birthday. He’d been working so hard in Sydney, enduring long hours, early mornings and 35 degree heat, I thought he deserved some pampering!

The Hot Springs are situated in Fingal, Victoria, roughly an hour and a half outside of Melbourne. If you’re traveling to Melbs from Sydney, this place is a must-visit. 

The springs are natural thermal mineral waters, which flow from deep underground into the pools and private baths. The temperature varies from 34 to 42 degrees celsius, offering you the opportunity to experience bathing just the way you like it. The temperature also varies depending on the weather with many pools cooled on summer days to refresh and revive you.

The springs can get crowded, and a booking is a must to avoid disappointment. Check the peak times and try avoid if you can. We booked our experience for 6pm on a Sunday evening, which was the perfect time. The temperatures were cooling down and the baths were heated to a beautiful 42 degrees! 

There was a crowd there, but with over 20 baths and saunas to enjoy, it wasn’t packed. These include thermal mineral spring pools, Turkish steam bath (Hamam), cave pool, hilltop pool offering 360 degree views of the region, underground sauna, reflexology walk, massaging thermal mineral showers, family bathing area, lakeside pool and naturally landscaped bathing gully. 

Unfortunately, photography is limited, both with respecting other bathers’ privacy and the amount of steam and water around, so I feel my few pictures don’t do this place justice!

Another advantage of visiting in the evening is experiencing the breathtaking sunset, which can be viewed from the hilltop pool. Even on a cloudy evening the sun still burned through and watching it descend was the perfect end to a beautiful evening at the Hot Springs. 

For bookings and more information visit the hot springs website here.


Keelin Riley
Keelin Riley

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