Five Reasons to Move to Australia in Winter 

When I announced my plans to move Down Under in June, veteran travellers smirked at me and joked “you do know June is Australia’s winter right??”. Yes genius, I figured that.

Any Aussie friends I had over here warned me against the bitter cold that is Sydney winter time! To be honest, it’s chilly in the mornings and cold at night without a heavy duvet; other than that I think the climate is gorgeous!

I don’t think I have ever sat beside the sea on an Irish winter’s day with jus ta cardi on!

I know when travellers choose Australia, they mainly choose it for the sunshine, but there are some great benefits to travelling to Oz in the winter time:


One of my first outings in Sydney was to the Taronga Zoo, one of Australia’s biggest tourist attractions. When we arrived there wasn’t even so much as a queue for the ticket line and we walked straight into the park with absolutely no waiting.



We had no problem walking around the paddocks snapping pictures without any heads in the way.

There is a paddock where you can walk in and meet the kangaroos and wallabies. We spent 45 minutes with them and taking pictures, something that would be impossible to do in high season. At some points of our day we felt we were the only ones in this huge zoo as there were no bus loads of tourists being dropped off every half hour.


We got one-on-one time with the animals without any queues or kids in the way!

It is the same for all the other outdoor attractions in the city, apparently only us Irish think this weather is acceptable to walk around in! Bondi beach is pleasantly quiet at the moment, compared to peak season – up to 35,000 people on a hot summer’s day!


Bondi Beach is so quiet at the moment, it’s so peaceful to pick a spot on thr sand and watch the surfers ride the winter waves.



At the moment, there is an abundance of accommodation to rent in Sydney. A lot of Irish and Europeans are renting their rooms out on AirBnB, while they go home to their summer for a holiday. Backpackers are also following the sun and moving up north, so hostels are emptier and more apartments are becoming available.


There is so much accomodation in Sydney, even if it’s not beachside, hop on any train and you’re there in no time.


This one might sound a bit pathetic, but if you’re anything like me and have a morbid fear of spiders, the winter climate will definitely ease you gently into a life of creepy crawlies. Spiders, snakes and other nightmarish critters are sparse due to the colder climate. Things hibernate and also with the shorter evenings you’re less likely to spot something slithering/creeping across the ground!


All outdoor activities like coastal walks are nice and quiet right now.


One thing I quickly came to realise was Australia is NOT cheap! Think $4 for a bottle of Coke and $20 for a full Irish. As winter is “off-season” for most tourist attractions, prices will be dropped to attract customers. Even menus during the evening time are lower than the summer months as it gets dark at roughly 5pm in the winter, meaning less people eating out. Shop around, look out for early birds and you will get a decent meal for the same price as home.


Trying to get used to the prices in Sydney!



While we’re on the topic of money, if you plan to work while over here, you will find a job much easier in the winter months. Again, backpackers usually move on to a warmer climate and people go home to catch the European summer. Sign up to an agency and they can find you a temp position to cover other people’s work while they’re away.


Every night there is a gorgeous winter evening to enjoy after work.

So while all the local Aussies are complains about the “freezing” winter, take it from me: You might need an extra jacket, swap the shorts for some jeans and maybe throw an extra rug over your bed, but it’s totally worth it for the amazing winter sunsets, fewer queues and a fuller wallet!


One thing the locals don’t complain about in the winter is the waves!

Keelin Riley
Keelin Riley

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