The Best Overseas Holidays From Australia

Living in Australia has some serious perks in terms of the holiday department! Not only are there some amazing vacation spots right on our doorstep in Oz, we’re also just a flight away from some of the most amazing destinations on the planet!

At home in Ireland we’re used to our package holidays throughout Europe, but with so many tropical countries just a few hours away from Australia, it can be hard to choose where to even start!

While some living in Australia are on the lookout for the best backpacker bargains, others may be in full time work, looking to make the most of their annual leave. 

So today Sun Scribes has rounded up the top picks for best holidays from Australia!

The Maldives


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No longer an exclusive hub for big-spender honeymooners and fancy celebrities, the scope of Maldives travel is quickly changing to suit the trend of budget travellers and career-break backpackers. 

Once best known for its exclusive pricey resorts, equipped with over-water bungalows and private villas, the Maldives has now embraced the new concept of local island travel. 

The Islamic country previously only let tourists holiday in these exclusive resort islands, out of sight from the Muslim locals who frown upon too much skin exposure and alcohol consumption.

However, in 2009, the Maldivian government opened the local islands to tourists and soon, budget hotels and guesthouses were shooting up left, right, and centre.

Flights from Australia are very reasonable, with a connecting flight in Kuala Lumbar Airport. We got our KL>Maldives flight for about $40!!

For more on a budget trip to the Maldives, click here. 



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Tropical islands, Pina-Coladas, private beach huts…sound like your type of holiday?? If yes, then Fiji is the place for you! Just a four-hour flight from Sydney, direct flights are available daily to Nadi!

From Nadi, take a ferry to one of the many, many islands of your choice for a dreamy,

Romantic, adventurous or just complete chill-zone, whatever your preference Fiji has it! While in Australia, look on sites like Groupon for amazing hotel deals in Fiji or contact your local Peter Pan travel agent to organise an unforgettable trip to these stunning islands!!

I had a one-week holiday in Fiji and it was the perfect amount of time. Fiji is not really a “backpacker” kind of holiday as travelling through islands can get costly. It is best to pick two islands and split your holiday that way. To read my full Fiji itinerary, click here. 



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We couldn’t talk about vacations from Australia without mentioning Bali! Bali to the Aussies is like the Canary Islands to the Irish; everyone goes here for their annual holiday! Some even have holiday homes in Bali or have retired to the island from Australia!

The amazing thing about Bali is you can have so many different types of holidays all on one small island. Bali caters to all types of travellers, from the wild party-goers, to those on a health and wellness buzz. It’s the perfect destination for the romantic couples, while it’s also perfect for the adventurous solo backpackers. 

Bali is definitely the place where you can splurge on a luxury villa or hotel for a fraction of the cost, with flights from Australia at very reasonable prices!!

I have been to Bali a few times now and done something different every time I’ve been, so to read loads of content on this beautiful destination, click here. 




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Although Thailand is a bit of a trek from Australia, roughly a 9-10 hour flight, it’s great to know that there are direct flights from Oz to both Bangkok and Phuket!

Thailand is somewhere everyone has to visit at least once in their life. The nightlife is electric, the islands are beautiful and the lifestyle is cheap as chips. Food, drinks, excursions and accommodation are so cheap in Thailand that it makes up for the longer flight time. 

Thailand is huge and will be impossible to hit all in one go unless you’re willing to spend at least four weeks there, so my advice is to pick a region and explore. 

I’ve been to Thailand twice on holiday while living in Australia, the first time exploring the islands, while the second time round I delved into the North of the country!

If you’d like to read about my Thailand travels, you can do so here.

Sri Lanka


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Firstly, may I just say, please do not let the devastating incidents that happened back in April affect your decision to travel to Sri Lanka. This beautiful country was bar far my favourite trip I have ever taken!

The people of Sri Lanka are so amazing, with unique culture and surreal wildlife. To make our Sri Lanka trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we decided to rent a jeep and road-trip around the island! You can read all about my SL holiday from Australia here!


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