Simple Checklist

Weeks coming up to departure

Bank – 

Inform your bank you are leaving so they don’t freeze your funds (this happened to me while travelling, a serious nuisance when I was trying to withdraw money for a deposit on accommodation).

Bank Account and Tax File Number –

You’ll need these to get yourself settled in Australia, USIT sorted mine out for me and all I have to do is pick up my ATM card at the ANZ bank in Sydney.

Travel Insurance –

I booked mine through USIT. It really took the hassle and stress out of finding the best policy for me. Through USIT, I went with MAPFRE insurance for €159, but there are plenty other options out there. Check out http://www.comparetravelinsuranceireland.com/backpacker-travel-insurance/ to compare the best deals

My insurance covers emergency medical for up to €6 million.

My insurance covers emergency medical for up to €6 million.

CVs and Jobs –

Make sure your CV is up-to-date. Have a few different versions, depending on what job you are applying for, e.g.: a professional CV, retail CV, etc. Google the layout of an Australian resume as it differs slightly from an Irish one.

It’s a good idea to start scoping out the job situations in the weeks leading up to your departure. I started about three months before, but this was pointless employees want someone hired quickly, not three months down the line.

Health – 

I would recommend a general health check-up before you leave for your travels as well as a dental check-up. Girls, if you’re taking oral contraception make sure you have enough to last your trip.

Stock up on any medications you might need. i.e.: asthma, etc. Also, remember to bring a doctor’s letter to accompany any medication you may have to travel with. A friend of mine was caught in airport security as they sceptically riffled through her diabetes meds.

Its important to stock up on any medication you need as it will be difficult to be posted over from Ireland.

Immunisations –

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand etc, get your injections before you go. It was recommended to me to get them with my GP, rather than through an agency as they are cheaper. The standard injections needed for Thailand are hepatitis A, cholera, diphtheria and typhoid.

If you’re planning on working in a bar in Australia it’s essential you complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. Even if you have years of bar experience back home, your resume won’t even be considered without an RSA. The best option is to google RSAs in the state you are going to. Each state of Oz has its own requirements for RSA training, which means if you want to work in the industry in more than one start, you will need more than one RSA cert.

Days coming up to departure 

Documents –

Check once, check twice, check three times to make sure you have all your necessary documents! Bring photocopies and screenshots of your passport, travel insurance, visa and address of the place you’re staying in first.

Photocopies of documents are essential, keep a set in each of your bags you are bringing.

Proof of Funds –
If you do not have a return flight, you may be asked for proof of sufficient funds – $5,000. This is simple to do – just have your online banking app ready to go or a traveller’s cheque is a fool-proof way to pass.

Money –

Have some currency on you for when you land. A tip of mine is bring change and smaller notes. I learned this the hard way, hopping on to a local bus with a $50 note!

Keelin Riley
Keelin Riley

Keelin is an Irish travel writer with a degree in journalism and a background in the Irish media. Keelin’s travel writing has been published in various media publications, and when she’s not off gallivanting around the globe, she enjoys keeping Sun Scribes up-to-date for all those fellow budget travellers out there!

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