The Escape to the Sun

I thought it was time for an update as I’ve hit the three-week mark in Sydney already – THREE WEEKS?! Time is really going by fast; I don’t know what I’m saying goodbye to quicker: the days or my dollars!
And on that note, I think it’s time for a change. Sydney is so expensive and my money is depleting fast. I’m organising a road trip up the east coast to escape to some sun! We aim to leave in roughly three weeks. I’m just starting to realise it’s going to take some serious budgeting and organisation to get this show on the road!

As you know it’s winter here at the moment, and Sydney is getting the brunt of it. While it’s a gorgeous 22 degrees today, it was cold and raining all day yesterday.

I’m currently sitting on Bondi Beach sunning myself while writing this. Everyone else is in work. I could be working too today, but well, I’m lazy and don’t want to. I’ve just arrived in Australia and am in total “holiday-mode” still.

On my days off (when it’s sunny) I bring my book and iPad down to the beach and chill out.

I don’t have much interest in working at the moment so I only do a couple days a week in the cafe to keep me going. The rest of my days are filled with wandering around when it’s not raining and spending money when it’s not necessary. I saved a lot of money back home in Ireland so that’s keeping me going here for the moment. I love wandering around Sudney city, finding cute places to eat and new buildings to look at.

Even though it’s winter, the beaches are still alive with activity: surfers, swimmers, joggers and lifeguards!

Darren is working full time at the moment with a demolition company. The guys here make a mint in construction and there’s always work available. He’s working for some extra cash so we can take the next big step: buying our first car together!
After three weeks of searching we found the perfect one, a 4×4 Toyota Runner. We’re going to take our new baby (I use that term lightly…the car’s actually older than I am) up the east coast of Oz all the way up to Cairns and stopping wherever takes our fancy along the way.



We’re converting the back into our sleeping area and are going to stay in the car instead of spending money on hostels.

We’re removing the back seats out of the car and got wood from Darren’s job to make a bed frame for our mattress and storage areas. I hope everyone realises that when I say “we” I really mean Darren – he’s doing all the work while I search Pintrest for some inspiration on back seat interior design.

But in all seriousness we make a good team: he’s in charge of the car and I’m in charge of the itinerary and general organisation of things.

After a lot of googling, thumbing through brochures and searching Instagram, I’ve come up with a rough outline of our east coast trip. We’re starting in Sydney and finishing in Cairns with a Great Barrier Reef dive – so exciting!

Here’s our itinerary:

Palm Beach (Home and Away set)

Port Maquarie – Koala Hospital

Coffs Harbour

Spot X – 3 day surfing camp


Byron Bay – Dolphin Kayaking

Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise

Brisbane – Australia Zoo

Noosa Beach

Rainbow Island

Frazer Island – 3 day camping safari

Hervey Bay

Town of 1770


Cape Hillborough – Kangaroos at sunrise

Airlie Beach

Whitsundays – 2 day boat cruise

Magnetic Island

Mission Beach

Cairns – Great Barrier Reef, Gilligans Hostel, Waterfalls


Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on who to book your tours with, which tours to book yourself and how much you should be paying.

Until next time guys!

Keelin Riley
Keelin Riley

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