The Penguin Parade on Phillip Island 

From crocodiles to koalas, to tree snakes and giant huntsmen spiders, we’ve just about seen it all in Australia. There’s still a few more native Aussie animals I have to tick off my list, and today I was lucky enough to cross off Little Penguins!
Phillip Island, roughly two hours fm Melbourne city, lies just off the coast of Victoria. This is he further South we’ve been in Oz so far, and it did not disappoint; this place is absolutely stunning. Hats off to Australia Tourism, they really keep their sight-seers happy, while still maintaining the natural environment.

Phillip Island is home to a wide variety of wildlife, most famous for its colony of Little Penguins who inhabit the beaches and surrounding areas. The colony has over 32,000 penguins and each night the little waddlers can be seen marching up the sand in their hundreds, bringing food back to their chicks on land.
This was by far, one of the best experiences we have had on our travels. To see animals in their natural habitat, untouched by humans is amazing! After seeing so much wildlife in Australia, I will never go back to the zoo again.

General admission to watch the penguins is $25, and it’s worth every penny. Profits generated are invested into conservation and research for the penguins.
There are more pricey tickets for a more personal experience, but we bought the cheapest tickets, and thanks to a tip for one of the guides, got the best seats in he house! Make sure to wrap up well, bring a blanket and sit right down on the sand beside the rope barriers. The penguins waddle right up from the water and scamper right passed your toes up to the rocks.

It is advised to get there an hour before sunset to get a good seat and enjoy the sun setting while you await the penguin parade. After sunset, absolutely no photography of any kind is allowed. The penguins are extremely sensitive to light and any unnatural flashing can disorientate them and deter them from returning to the beach.
Not taking any pictures made the whole experience so much better! Of course there were the few idiots who tried to sneak a few pictures, but there wasn’t the usual scrambling tourists. Everyone enjoyed viewing the animals and got to experience the full event, without viewing it through a camera lens.

Though I have no pictures do the actual event, we did spot some penguins on our day trip around the island. Make sure and head to Nobbies, the cafe with an unbelievable view over the ocean. Here a few penguins can be spotted, as well as on the walk down to the parade, before sunset.

The Phillip Island Park are proud members of the UNESCO Western Port Biosphere Reserve. They are dedicated to quality ecotourism experiences and wildlife management and without the help of tourism, could not continue all the work they do to help improve the lives of the Little Penguins. If you are exploring Victoria, make sure this amazing place is high on your list of things to see!!

Here are some more pictures of this gorgeous island, its beaches and wildlife:

Keelin Riley
Keelin Riley

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